They were confused.

Does it look bad?


The students sat quiet all the time.

She's closing everything.

Kent needs a job.

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Why is space black?

Werner told me that he was too tired to study.

I saw them surrounding him.

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We must finish our homework first.

He kissed every pretty girl at the party.

Boycott Facebook.

It was just a lucky guess.

Leila was the last to go home.

Did you see any birds?

Do you have any questions?

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The chambermaid will bring you some soap.

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Stay where you are!

The only good light is that of the moon.

Can we order please?


Jane liked to make believe she was a teacher.

I already have my hands full.

Now go have fun.

I feel like holding hands now would be incredibly boorish.

He is the shorter of the two boys.

The chair is of a non-red color.

Usually I get up at six, but today I got up at eight.

We haven't contacted each other for quite a while. I am very happy to write to you.

What would you like to drink? Coffee?

The ticket booth is not always open.

Shahid is a professional dancer.

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How was last weekend?

Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.

So what do you suggest we do?

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It's of my liking.

We can go both on foot.

Nancy, aware that he would soon have to board the train to Boston, had passionately clung to Siegurd on the station platform.

They rushed the woman to the hospital after she ate a lightbulb.

His escape from prison was well planned.

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After careful thought, I elected to stay at home.


I thought it would be a good idea to get back in touch with Japanese culture and history.


Gunter had no idea when Amir would arrive.

You can't force me to do anything.

I worked my ass off on that project.

I want the red balloon.

The place is very much built up now.

Patrice was knocked to the floor.

An uncle is a brother of your father or your mother.

I broke my arm.

Have you ever grown a beard?

I went to the market.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.

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Margaret said he had to go somewhere.


Isn't that just a prairie fire?

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I feel lighter than air.

Do not idle away your youth or you will regret it later.

There must have been a tacit understanding between them.

As a matter of fact, he doesn't agree with me.

We all know what's going on here.

Does this sound stupid?

I voted for her last year.

Can you carve the chicken?

Yoko danced with a grace that surprised us.

Don't judge people from the way they look.

He wrote a novel about vampires.


I told him not to come today.

I don't think Josip is a loser.

Kristin and Jeannie seem scared.


He's a scriptwriter.

If I ask you, you tell me that you're busy, but when it's your girlfriend who asks, you're suddenly up for anything.

Mariou almost never forgets to wash his hands before eating.

I think we'll be safe here.

You can easily judge the ripeness of a banana by the color of its peel.

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Every word in this dictionary is important.

Teruyuki was strangled in his sleep.

His good health is attributed to getting plenty of sleep.

Don't phone her now.

His dog barks at me.

Young as he is, he is equal to the task.

Sabrina wants a bath.

It'll be nice.

Brent declared war on the corruption in his country.

He endowed the college with a large sum of money.

We know the city well.

What club do you belong to?

Make her go away.

Here is a present for your birthday.

This is a well-written article.

Jan and I usually agree.

He taught me how to write a poem.

They came all the way from Brazil.

The question is how do we convince Skip.


I can't believe we're all still here.

I like looking for and collecting postage stamps.

Jean-Christophe may have said so.


I'm supposed to be finding Tuna a good lawyer.

You need patience, Manjeri.

I can't get this thing to work.

Jack took the bus to school.

I still have to get the rest of my stuff out.


The section chief keeps him down.


Yesterday, the man whose daughter works at your company came by.

You joined the navy after finishing college, didn't you?

Do you have a nickel?

The patient is hallucinating.

She gave him a book.

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But why did he do it?

After opening, please eat as soon as possible.

I need to get more food.


He ignored his mother's advice.

Klaus can show him.

Antony is taking care of the kids.


The medieval church despised the body and exalted the spirit.

Pierce has more money than brains.

I'd rather live alone.

I need to sit down.

When an ill wind blows it does good to no one.

Prices will certainly go up.

God created her.

He is thinking of starting another firm in Paris.

General Montcalm attacked several British forts in 1757.

It was last week.

Marcia looked grim when I told her the story.

I speak from experience.

What exactly is our plan?

Only afterward did he explain why he did it.

Carolyn looks demented.


Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages.

Isidore isn't diabetic.

There is not a ray of truth in it.

Don't jump to conclusions.

He isn't here now.

Don't come back until you've done what I've asked you to do.

Why do you like it?

I'd feel better if you weren't going there alone.

I was led to the conclusion that we made a fatal mistake.

In his opinion Brasilia was a failure in many ways. The city did not turn out the way the planners intended and is not thought of very highly by either its own inhabitants or other Brazilians.

What happened to Elijah's parents?


I thought it was unnecessary for us to do anything about that today.

I'll be there as fast as I can.

I don't want to be cruel.


He knows how to talk to customers.

Nobody can stop us.

It's very important to explain the risks to Lorien.


You need a license to drive a car.

That felt so good.

It's never easy to tell whether he's being serious or not.

I have never heard him crying like this.

How would you translate this sentence, Kee?

Robert had the desk moved to Pandora's bedroom.

Although he is poor, he is happy.

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Fay and Theo talked over a cup of coffee.

She always wears clothes which are out of fashion.

I looked and looked, but it wasn't there.

That is not what they are going to talk about.

He has stayed here since he arrived from Canada.

Christophe called us.

They were successful in solving the problem.

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I'm moving.

The seasoned bread causes farts.

She sat down next to him and listened quietly.

Diana unlocked the door for Elliott.

The university was founded by his father twenty years ago.

We still don't know what happened during the last minutes of the flight.

Doyle says he can see into the future.

Kinch's parents got divorced when he was very young.

Are there any landmarks?


This is more expensive than I expected.

A little make-up worked wonders with her.

Pretty good. Did you go to today's history seminar?